Welcome to Karelian Diamond Resources

Karelian Diamond Resources (“Karelian”) is a company whose objective is to make substantial returns for shareholders through the discovery and development of economic diamond deposits in the Finnish sector of the Karelian Craton the geological potential of which has been demonstrated by the discovery of world class diamond deposits in the Russian sector of the Craton.

The Company has recently announced the discovery of a diamond in a till exploration sample which is an extremely rare event and represents a quantum step forward in the Company’s diamond exploration programme in Finland.












Morphology of the diamond crystal is a curved dodecahedron.

Crystal Diameter is 0.8mm Photo: Kari A. Kinnunen, GTK


The Company has acquired a Mining Concession over the Lahtojoki diamond deposit in the Kuopio - Kaavi region of Finland, discovered a new kimberlite pipe at Riihivaara in the Kuhmo region of Finland, the first kimberlite pipe discovery in Finland for over ten years and delineated the diamondiferous Seitaperä kimberlite pipe, which at 6.9ha in area, is the largest diamondiferous kimberlite pipe identified to date in Finland.